André Rigland Brodtkorb

Short bio

I am the Head of Department of Computer Science and Professor of Scientific Computing at Oslo Metropolitan University. Earlier in my career, my main position has been as a researcher at the Department of Applied Mathematics at SINTEF (Norways largest non-profit research organization) and scientist at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute in the Delpartment for Climate Modelling and Air Pollution. I have simultaneously held adjunct positions at the Norwegian School of Information Technology (Kristiania University College), University og Oslo, and OsloMet. I have also been teaching for almost a decade at Universidad de Granada.

My academic interests includes high-performance computing, applied mathematics, numerical simulation, accelerated scientific computing, machine learning, and real-time scientific visualization.

I enjoy supervising master thesis, so if you are interested, please get in touch. I have a webpage with some examples of theses that I can supervise. Common to them all is that they have a combination of computer science, mathematics, and visualization. You do not need to be an expert in all of these fields, as the thesis topic will be tailored to your interests and experience and the aim of your thesis work is also to learn something new.


Cell: (+47) 45 61 90 70
Homing pigeon available upon request.

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